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Legal services

A) Our company provides the following services for representation of interests in court:

• Preparation of qualified legal opinion letter on the future disputes;

• Representation of interests at pretrial settlement of disputes;

• Consultation (written, oral) before the trial and throughout the whole process;

• Preparation of statements of claim, complaints, reviews and other procedural documents;

• Representation of interests in courts of all levels as well as the representation of interests in other public bodies;

• Representation of interests while supporting of enforcement production.

We give preference to cases in solving of family disputes, recognition of father missing, deprivation of parental rights, divorce, recognition of marriage invalid, recognition of a person residing on the territory of Ukraine.

B) Experts of the Agency Sapho will provide you with legal support for the registration of business entities, registration of private enterprises, registration Companies limited, and registration of public companies:
• Choosing of the legal form of a company;

• Preparation of constituent documents;

• Registration of firms of different organizational and legal forms - BE, PE, LTD, PC, non-profit organizations;

• Registration of charitable funds;

• Registration of legal entities with foreign investments;

• Accreditation of representative offices and branches;

• Reorganization of legal entities;

• Changes in the constituent documents;

• Registration of shares issue to the Securities Commission;

• Tax registration of the non-residents companies;

• Obtaining of permit to work on the territory of Ukraine.

The costs of services include:

• Preparation of necessary documents;

• Registration in the state Administration;

• Registration at the tax service;

• Registration of all funds;

• Obtaining of permission and making the seal (stamp);

• Registration in the register of VAT (single tax);

• Preparation of documents for opening a bank account.

Legalization of constituent documents

A) To get started, the following documents must be submitted:

• Passport and identification number of the founder (s);

• Passport and identification number of the company director (Ch. Accountant if necessary);

• The name of the company;

• The size of the statutory fund and the procedure of its formation (money and / or property);
• The lease on the premises for a legal address (or residence permit of one of the founders);

• Phone number, which will be displayed in the base of the enterprise.

B) Transaction Services. This includes:

- Legal advice;

- Legal analysis of agreements, contracts and other documents with the subsequent legal conclusion;

- Assessment of possible risks when entering into the transaction;

- Control over the execution of transactions;

- Preparation of contracts, agreements and other documents;

- Participation in negotiations with contractors.

The cost depends on the location of the transaction, its complexity and the nature and volume of work.

In addition, our specialists will help legalize international agreements, contracts with foreign partners, the company's charter, incorporation documents, and registration certificate.