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Foreign languages courses

General English course is designed for students with different levels of language proficiency. General English course is divided into several levels:

• Beginner;

• Elementary;

• Pre-Intermediate;

• Intermediate;

• Upper-Intermediate;

• Advanced;

• Exam courses (preparation for international exams).

Courses of informal English – is the most popular and high demanded course. It is orientated on those who need a confident knowledge of English in daily communication.

The aim of the course of informal English is the development of oral communication skills in typical household situations of everyday’s life, as well as learning the basics of business communication.

The development of the informal language skills is achieved through the use on the lesson of a large number of oral exercises, dialogues and role-playing games. Skills of aural reception of foreign speech are training through the variety of audio materials. 80% of the course is devoted to conversation and listening. In addition, each section includes a voluminous lexical material, grammar exercises of different complexity, comments, tables, charts, texts for reading and listening. From the first lesson the accent is made on the practical language skills in various spheres of life.

Also we offer you a business course of English.

• Our program – is a modern method, developed by Financial Times - known in the world as a business publishing.

• The course is interesting and useful for those who are planning or already doing business career.

• You will learn how to conduct negotiations, presentations, you will have the skills to talk on the phone, hold and pass the interview, competently represent yourself and your company.

At each lesson, all basic language skills are practiced:

• Intensive conversation practice - increasing of active vocabulary, which is achieved not by "hard learning, but by using of new words in simulated situations of life, role-playing games in a constant communicative interaction.

• Audition is aimed at the ability to pick out from the real oral language the keywords, phrases and sentences and to use them at the early stages for achievement of common understanding of the speech, and later on, constantly increase these skills of understanding at a high level.

• Grammar – grammar studying, understanding of language logic, reinforcement of grammar in a real conversational practice.

• Reading – improvement of skills of a fast reading, ability to take from the text of any complexity the keywords and phrases and achievement through them of a common understanding about the sense of the text – at the first stage and later a full understanding.

• Writing – improvement of skills of grammatical and correct writing, drafting of formal, informal, and e-mails.

• Video support - some of our courses are well supported by video accompaniment. This allows not only to consolidate the material presented by viewing different scenes from the life, but also gives an opportunity to students to be really surrounded by everyday conversations of native speakers. In all, the video accompanying makes the lesson colorful and exciting.

Classes are held in groups (2-4 people), and in individual form.