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Agency “Sapho” - full range of services for family reunification

To apply for family reunification it is necessary to have invitation for the reunion, drawn up in that country to which the close relatives will go for reunification. In case, if, for example, citizens of Ukraine pretend to the family reunification - the parents of adult daughter, who married a foreigner, lives abroad and has the nationality of the husband, it is necessary to prove that parents are dependent on her daughter and her husband. About the same order (depending on the country) can be offered for children under 18 years old, pretending to be reunited with his mother (father), who lives abroad and is married to a citizen of a certain country. For example, in Germany only those children who were born as a citizen of Germany, or from a citizen of Germany have the right for immediate reunification with his family. Also children adopted by a citizen of Germany can count for the immediate reunification with the family.

Attention! In case of permanent residence for family reunification the procedure of registration and legalization of Ukrainian documents, as well as the procedure for legalization of foreign documents in Ukraine depends not only on Ukrainian state authorities, but also on the authorities, the embassies of correspondent foreign countries. There may be differences in each case, depending on the individual circumstances of the client. To avoid unnecessary expenses and ordeals, we recommend you to consult with a specialist of the Agency “Sapho” to get detailed information concerning the procedure of legalization of documents.