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Vindication of documents from archival institutions of the CIS and Europe

After the disintegration of Soviet Union not only the economic connection and kinship broke off. When preparing a package of documents for marriage and/or family reunification it is possible to observe the following picture: a person born in Kazakhstan, married in Russia, divorced, for example, in Belarus, now is living in Ukraine, and moves, for example, to Italy. In this situation, we faced with a problem: the Italian authorities do not accept Soviet documents with the Soviet seals – it is necessary to get new repeated documents of the countries with Apostille. For this it is necessary to go in turn to Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus, to receive new certificates of new samples and to legalize them in Almaty and Minsk, respectively.

Agency “Sapho” – obliterate the boundaries together

Is it real, how much time and money will it take? – nobody knows. Even if you’re lucky – archives are completely saved, they didn’t burn and didn’t sink in the water, registry offices didn’t move to other towns and regions, there is no queue, and all officials are waiting only for your visit – agree, even with such unreal variant this path is rather expensive.

We offer a great alternative for such a trip - we get repeated documents and affix to them Apostille. It would certainly be cheaper than your travel, and it will take not long time.

Depending on the category of the request concerning the vindication of documents the following authorities fulfill their implementation:
Ministry of Justice (civil status acts registration authorities);
Ministry of Interior;
Ministry of Education;
Ministry of labour and social development;
Ministry of Defense;
Federal Archival Service and subordinated federal archives and archival institutions.