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Preparation of a full package of documents for the marriage with foreign citizens, permanent residence and family reunification

With the development of communication systems, opening of borders, the development of tourism a growing number of Ukrainian girls decide to tie their fates with foreign citizens. Cold War stereotypes such as "America's bad – they beat black people” disappeared long time ago. Ukrainians see the standard of living in the world and strive for the better. So, for example, only for the last year with the participation of the Agency “Sapho” 52 Ukrainian girls married the foreigners. Geography of foreigners is different. Basically, of course, Western Europe and the U.S. are dominated, but there are foreigners from Lebanon, Syria, UAE and Australia.

Of course, marriage with a foreigner – is very important step in the life of Ukrainian women. Girls have a lot of doubts and even illusions – “How will I live there?” – “I don’t know their language!” – “Where will I work?” – “What rights will I have?”. In addition, there is a problem just to open the visa and to go to one’s beloved. Because in the embassies, as a rule, they treat us with prejudice, at the very least.

Agency “Sapho” – full package of documents for a visa

Specialist who prepares documents for the marriage registration on the territory of Ukraine (as well as on the territory of another country) should know all the requirements of embassies and prepare a person for the interview and documents submitting. Our experts will completely take such responsibility. The list of documents required for registration of marriage or departure depends on the selected country. Thus, it would seem the similar countries - the United States and Canada have very different list and a way of legalization. And within marriage registration and departure, for example, to France, Spain, Italy and Germany there is almost nothing in common! In addition, a list of documents for various countries is constantly changing – that is why we specifically do not enumerate the list of documents for any of the countries.

While persona visit to the Agency “Sapho” we will give legitimacy at the moment samples of documents required for registration of marriage with a foreigner, will check already made by him documents, arrange on a specific, convenient day for you the marriage registration in the public authority, and provide an interpreter, explain your rights and responsibilities when going abroad, i.e. perform a full range of services necessary for your successful conclusion of the marriage and subsequent immigration.

In this case, it is very important for a girl to get to her fiancé (husband) on the territory of another country legally. So you could secure yourself in the future – you can get both a residence permit and work permit, that is to become a full member of society.

Agency “Sapho” – stamping.

According to the Article 1 of The Hague Convention abolition of the requirement of legalization of foreign documents applies to public documents which are issued on the territory of the one Contracting State and shall be submitted to the territory of another Contracting State.

Effects of the Hague Convention also applies to documents about education, civil status, certificates of being alive, certificates, powers of attorney, court decisions and materials on civil, family and criminal cases.

Regulations of the Hague Convention do not apply to documents issued by diplomatic or consular agents, as well as administrative documents, which have to do directly with commercial or customs operations. At the same time, Apostille is placed on the statutes and constituent documents, on patent and other documents, issued by a public authority or administration (certificate about registration, licenses, etc.). Mark or seal of the registration administration or tax authority, as well as the signature of the official of registration administration should be placed on the statutes and also on the amendments and supplements thereto.

- must be placed on the part of a document free from text, on its reverse side, or on a separate sheet, which is attached to the document. An authorized person must certify the number of attached by signature and seal sheets.

It is necessary to submit original documents for stamping, only in some cases, Apostille is placed on the notarized copies.

You have no need to leave Zaporizhya city. Agency Sapho put stamps in the shortest time without your departure to Kiev; there is a possibility of documents registration during one day!

Agency “Sapho” - full range of services for travelers

We purposely did not describe the cases, if you going for permanent residency with an underage child or you have had a serious illness - each case is unique in many respects, it depends on the country of departure and object of the visit, so to get a complete list of the necessary tests and description of the necessary certificates, you can get in our Agency “Sapho”.

Agency “Sapho” – legal travel abroad

Let’s consider specifically a subject of family reunification. Let us say at once - this topic applies only to citizens of Ukraine who live in another country legally, have a residence permit, work, house (can be rent). Only close relatives – these are parents, spouses, children have the right to be reunited. The legislation of individual countries such as Norway, equates to close relatives even civilian spouses, with whom the applicant (candidate) on the reunification of family lived at least 2 years. Applicants for family reunification with relatives abroad must apply to the Embassy of the country.

Agency “Sapho” - full range of services for family reunification

To apply for family reunification it is necessary to have invitation for the reunion, drawn up in that country to which the close relatives will go for reunification. In case, if, for example, citizens of Ukraine pretend to the family reunification - the parents of adult daughter, who married a foreigner, lives abroad and has the nationality of the husband, it is necessary to prove that parents are dependent on her daughter and her husband. About the same order (depending on the country) can be offered for children under 18 years old, pretending to be reunited with his mother (father), who lives abroad and is married to a citizen of a certain country. For example, in Germany only those children who were born as a citizen of Germany, or from a citizen of Germany have the right for immediate reunification with his family. Also children adopted by a citizen of Germany can count for the immediate reunification with the family.

Attention! In case of permanent residence for family reunification the procedure of registration and legalization of Ukrainian documents, as well as the procedure for legalization of foreign documents in Ukraine depends not only on Ukrainian state authorities, but also on the authorities, the embassies of correspondent foreign countries. There may be differences in each case, depending on the individual circumstances of the client. To avoid unnecessary expenses and ordeals, we recommend you to consult with a specialist of the Agency “Sapho” to get detailed information concerning the procedure of legalization of documents.