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Invitations for foreigners

For the citizens of almost all Europe, North America, Australia to Ukraine, as we know, a free-visa entry is entered. Is this good or bad - there is still no certain opinion. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. If your fiance, friend or relative is a citizen of these countries – he/she will be able to visit Ukraine without a visa and stayed here for 3 months. And now is the most interesting. If he/she wants to stay on the 91st day in Ukraine – he/she is already illegal migrant. And he/she is not able to extend a visa because he/she entered the country without a visa at all!

If your friend is a citizen, for example, of Lebanon, than you have to make an invitation for his entry. Invitation (and, accordingly, visa) may be for 14 to 90 days, depending on the country.

If the foreigner will work here - it is better to make an invitation not from the physical person, but from a legal entity. The package of documents for invitation will increase slightly, but there is simply no other alternative.

We're not contemplating to describe the full procedure of foreigners entry to Ukraine - the question is very volume, legislation base is often changing, visa and visa regime towards Ukraine is constantly "in sight" - so if you're interested - please contact us.