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Departure for permanent residence

According to the paragraph 2.1 of the Rules of border crossing by the citizens of Ukraine, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ? 57 dated 27.01.1995, the crossing of state borders to travel outside the Ukrainian by the citizens who have not achieved the age of 16, can be realized only with the consent of both parents and with their presence or with authorized by them person, or by court decision.

Thus, until the child reaches 16 years notarized consent of the one parent is needed for his departure from Ukraine with another parent, in case of absence of the permission - the decision of the court on this issue.

However, legislation of Ukraine provides for cases where the departure of a child abroad is possible without the consent of a parent. So according to the paragraph 2 of Part 1 of the item 2.2 of the Rules of border crossing by the citizens of Ukraine without a notarized consent of the other parent a child under 16 years old may travel outside Ukraine, if in the travel document of a child there is a record of departure for permanent residence outside Ukraine or note about consular registration in Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad.

In addition, the departure of the child abroad without the notarized consent of a parent is possible in case of deprivation of the second parent of parental rights, or in case of presentation of a court decision for going outside Ukraine without the support and consent of the other parent.