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Competent formation of marriage contracts

The marriage contract is a mutual agreement on the mutual rights and obligations before the marriage, during marriage, as well as in the case of divorce (art. 92 of the Family Code of Ukraine). At the modern contract it is desirable to adjust the ownership issues, as well as assets which the spouses get before the conclusion and during the marriage, moral rights, inheritance in the event of death (God forbid) of one of the spouses (Art. 97 of the Family Code of Ukraine), and also the movable and immovable property, property rights and responsibilities of spouses. In addition, I want to emphasize that it is desirable to specify the rights and duties of parents concerning the children. The rights of the latter are particularly important to specify, as in the case of divorce and the absence of agreement, children can be seriously affected. Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently.

The marriage contract can only adjust the property and directly connected with them relationships. Any conditions of the marriage contract, relating to non-property relations of spouses should be recognized invalid - marriage contract cannot, for example, determine who will wash the dishes in the house or how often (and how well) the spouses will perform marital duties (paragraph 3, Article 93 of the Family Code of Ukraine).

There is an established mandatory notarial form for the marriage contract in Ukraine. At the request of the parties the marriage contract may be concluded in the presence of witnesses. The marriage contract may include provision for changes in its conditions during the joint lives of the spouses. Such changes may be made by the parties during the marriage contract by agreement, which is concluded in the same manner as the marriage contract, i.e. notary.

And the last one: remember that the marriage contract and its compilation - is not an indication of mistrust of the spouses to each other. Rather the contrary. This is a sober and sensible approach to the future life together.

Preparation of marriage contracts

What do people know when they are going abroad for the first time? Usually, our women, who married foreigners, go abroad for the first time in their lives. They do not know the language or customs, or traditions of the state or way of life of the people of this country and the basic legislation of marriage.

The main mistake of our citizens, who are leaving in search of a better life, is that we judge others by our own attitude. But it arises from many factors - that is education and family, in which a person was raised and lives, intelligence, education, tradition, and much more. Foreigners in general are other people, not to mention the fact that there is another level of life, and, consequently, a different attitude to family and children.