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Agency “Sapho” – stamping.

According to the Article 1 of The Hague Convention abolition of the requirement of legalization of foreign documents applies to public documents which are issued on the territory of the one Contracting State and shall be submitted to the territory of another Contracting State.

Effects of the Hague Convention also applies to documents about education, civil status, certificates of being alive, certificates, powers of attorney, court decisions and materials on civil, family and criminal cases.

Regulations of the Hague Convention do not apply to documents issued by diplomatic or consular agents, as well as administrative documents, which have to do directly with commercial or customs operations. At the same time, Apostille is placed on the statutes and constituent documents, on patent and other documents, issued by a public authority or administration (certificate about registration, licenses, etc.). Mark or seal of the registration administration or tax authority, as well as the signature of the official of registration administration should be placed on the statutes and also on the amendments and supplements thereto.

- must be placed on the part of a document free from text, on its reverse side, or on a separate sheet, which is attached to the document. An authorized person must certify the number of attached by signature and seal sheets.

It is necessary to submit original documents for stamping, only in some cases, Apostille is placed on the notarized copies.

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