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Agency “Sapho” – full package of documents for a visa

Specialist who prepares documents for the marriage registration on the territory of Ukraine (as well as on the territory of another country) should know all the requirements of embassies and prepare a person for the interview and documents submitting. Our experts will completely take such responsibility. The list of documents required for registration of marriage or departure depends on the selected country. Thus, it would seem the similar countries - the United States and Canada have very different list and a way of legalization. And within marriage registration and departure, for example, to France, Spain, Italy and Germany there is almost nothing in common! In addition, a list of documents for various countries is constantly changing – that is why we specifically do not enumerate the list of documents for any of the countries.

While persona visit to the Agency “Sapho” we will give legitimacy at the moment samples of documents required for registration of marriage with a foreigner, will check already made by him documents, arrange on a specific, convenient day for you the marriage registration in the public authority, and provide an interpreter, explain your rights and responsibilities when going abroad, i.e. perform a full range of services necessary for your successful conclusion of the marriage and subsequent immigration.

In this case, it is very important for a girl to get to her fiancé (husband) on the territory of another country legally. So you could secure yourself in the future – you can get both a residence permit and work permit, that is to become a full member of society.